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We have reinvented the kebab!

In collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher, a leading manufacturer of plant-based products, we have developed a plant-based kebab. The rotisserie is indistinguishable from animal meat in taste, texture and handling.

Why a plant-based kebab?

42% of all consumers in Germany are actively trying to reduce their meat consumption.* At the same time, however, consumers also find it enormously difficult. 61% say they like the taste of meat and find it difficult to give it up. That’s why we’ve developed a product that doesn’t require you to give up anything. Because we are of the opinion: Real taste does not need meat.


Quelle: *Statusta Global Consumer Survey, Q4 2021 **Quelle: MetrixLab 2021, Befragte: 2.400 pflanzliche Verbraucher (essen auch Tofu, Veggie-Burger…) in NL, UK und DE


Your added value

Easily expand your offer and reach more customers

Developed with The Vegetarian Butcher - the established brand of plant-based products

Authentic kebab taste

In handling like a traditional kebab skewer

Available 13 kg skewer

The preparation

Set slicer to 2mm

First cut after approx. 20 min

Approx. 90g in a kebab bag - compared to 120g -25% less than the conventional meat kebab.

You too want to try our new kebab – let us know!



Our new Plant-based Quality Seal provides consumers with a reliable label for our plant-based products that contain no meat. This seal was developed to provide clarity and transparency and to enable consumers to make informed choices.

By using this quality seal, consumers can be sure that they are choosing a product that is meat-free. It provides an easy way to identify plant-based products and thus supports product selection.




Our standards are the uniform international food, product and service standards that ensure that our company produces first-class and handmade kebab. They guarantee a continuous improvement process and constant work on further developments. We place the highest value on selected raw materials, authentic taste and the highest quality standards. We are proud of our products and our tradition.

The Vegetarian Butcher offers a wide range of plant-based products for meat lovers who don’t want to sacrifice the taste, texture and tradition of meat classics. Driven by a mission to free animals from the food chain, The Vegetarian Butcher produces plant-based products that rival animal meats. Founded in 2010 with the goal of becoming the world’s largest butcher, its products are now available in 40,000 retail stores in 55 countries. The Vegetarian Butcher was recently ranked #2 in the Dutch Sustainable Brand Index™, Europe’s largest brand study on sustainability. For more information about The Vegetarian Butcher, visit.


The demand for doner kebab is steadily increasing and now ranks first in the fast food segment in many countries worldwide. Döner Kebab is conquering the world.


We offer our wholesale partners throughout Europe the opportunity to secure a share of these sales. Through excellent product and service quality, a strong brand and worldwide logistics, the DÜZGÜN FOOD Group is also building a sustainable partnership with you. Let’s start doing business!




IFS Food is a recognized standard from the GFSI (Global Food Safety Intiative). It summarizes the requirements for production, packaging and sales in six chapters, including e.g. corporate responsibility, resource management, product protection and external controls or a management system for quality and food safety. With the certification according to IFS Food, DÜZGÜN FOOD GmbH fulfills the quality requirements of national and international trading partners. IFS Food certification is an ongoing process and is confirmed annually. Every year, DÜZGÜN FOOD GmbH is therefore closely monitored for compliance with the standards. The focus is on food safety and the quality of processes and products. This is to ensure that products of the highest quality are sold at all times.



DÜZGÜN FOOD GmbH is in possession of the Halal certificate issued by the Islamic Council of Mannheim. “Halal” means that goods are classified as “pure” according to the ritual Islamic regulations. The complete production process, from the purchase of meat, the grinding and mixing of some ingredients, through thermal processes such as cooking or cooling, to the packaging procedure, was intently monitored by experts. They came to the conclusion that the transparency of all production steps as well as the materials and documents provided leave no doubt about the halal production. Therefore, the halal certificate certifies that the products of DÜZGÜN FOOD GmbH are classified as ritually pure and permitted, and thus their consumption is “halal” for Muslims of all schools of law.



More questions!

Here you can directly download your own copy.

You too want to try our new kebab – let us know!